The most user friendly and easy to implement two-factor authentication platform to date.

Enabling account protection by default, not by choice.


Why AthenaMFA is better than Authy and Google Authenticator...

Multi-Factor Authentication is a proven security measure to protect against unauthorised access to accounts.

Traditionally, every time you access a new website and want to enable two-factor authentication, you are usually required to either scan a QR code using an application such as Authy or Google Authenticator.

The more applications you enable, the more the list of accounts grows and quickly gets out of hand, and when it comes to having to get a code to authenticate it becomes a headache scrolling through dozens of accounts to find the right one.

With AthenaMFA, there is no requirement to scan a QR code or enable for each application you wish to have protected with two-factor authentication. All of your accounts are protected using just your email (maybe one for work and one for personal use!).

Then, when you log into any website requiring two-factor authentication your device automatically prompts you to confirm you are the person accessing the application. Easy!

And because you dont have to enable it, as long as the application is integrated with AthenaMFA, the account is protected by default!

Efficient Management

Users no longer need to scroll through dozens of auth codes to find the correct site - AthenaMFA authenticates users using email their address. The user is only required to 'Approve' or 'Reject' the login request.

Offline Authentication

Enabled push notification but dont have network connectivity. No problems, you can respond with a code so you can still approve your log in request.

Optional Email One-Time Codes

Even if a user is not an AthenaMFA registered user, no problem, we will automatically send them a one-time passcode via email if MFA is mandatory for your application.

Prevent Spoofing

Push notifications identify the site, user and request id. These are also displayed on the application prompt. Making it difficult to spoof an authentication request to the user from a malicious application.

Enhanced Security

Since google introduced mandatory 2FA, unauthorized access to accounts dropped by 50%. Now imagine a world where every site uses AthenaMFA, then every user account registered to use AthenaMFA is protected by default.

Fantastic pricing

We want to see protection by default. So, the mobile app is free to use and there is no cost for applications making authentication requests. Its totally free!


Simple for developers

Its simple to integrate AthenaMFA into any website or application.

As long as you have the users email address (even if they do not log in with it), you can protect their account.


  • Go to the Portal and create your free account
  • Register your application
  • Integrate with the AthenaMFA API
  • Your users are protected

We even have a javascript library to simplify the integration.

Simple for users

With AthenaMFA, you will not have to enable MFA on each application or website you use.

Instead, download the AthenaMFA app and register all your email addresses.

Then as long as the application has integrated with AthenaMFA, whenever you attempt to login using an account you have registered, you will be prompted for approval.

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